Employees lose two working days a year to late meetings

The cause of the most meeting stress is technology related Employees are losing approximately 19 hours each and every year due to late meetings, according to ‘s research conducted across organisations in the UK, US, France and Germany on meeting stress. Of the 1,000 office workers surveyed, 59 per cent attend meetings a few (more…)

SMEs don’t understand personal guarantee in business loans

Four fifths of business owners are not put off by a loan that contain a personal guarantee SMEs are signing up to livelihood threatening loan conditions, ignorantly, a report exposes today. The research by , an SME loan provider, reveals that the majority of SME owners have no idea what a personal (more…)

Talking politics in the workplace can negatively affect employees

Two thirds avoid talking politics at work 2016 has been a year of electoral surprises, with the UK voting to leave the E.U. and the U.S. sending Donald Trump to the White House. These results have made discussing politics in the workplace near inescapable. Talking politics with colleagues can lead to all (more…)

Rising to the top: How to propel your small business into the big league

Your small company is capable of hitting the big time with the right action What do Amazon, Coca Cola, Philips, and L’Oreal all have in common? These companies, with very diverse products and business models, all shared similar beginnings: they started from an idea, that was supported by a team of great people (more…)

Self-employed waste 15 working days a year unpicking income

One in five say financial management of processes like expenses has nearly put them out of business A blurring of personal and business income is causing significant problems for the UK’s self-employed workforce, according to the first set of findings from the ‘Definitive Study of the Self-Employed’, commissioned by . Research among 5,010 self-employed (more…)

Small business ideas for students: Making extra income

Portrait of smart female college student with books and bright light bulb above her head as a symbol of bright ideas As a student, the thought of running your own business may appear like a distraction from ‘the point’ of going to school or university – that is, achieving an employable qualification. (more…)

Questions small business owners should ask to hire an accountant

It may be time to hire an accountant in your small business An accountant can prove to be a valuable adviser for your business. However, because every business is different, it can be hard to know if and when it’s right to hire an accountant, especially if you are new to running (more…)

Half of small and medium enterprises will be cloud-first by 2021

Nearly a third of businesses plan to transition more of their mission-critical applications to the cloud in the next two years Nearly a third (30 per cent) of customers plan to transition more of their mission-critical applications to the cloud in the next two years, and a full 50 per cent indicate (more…)

Data security: How to keep your business accounts secure over Christmas

Make sure you keep on top of your data security this Christmas The holiday season can be a tricky time for businesses with people travelling, working remotely, purchasing gifts from their work computers and so on. One thing small businesses don’t always consider is ‘If everyone had to work from home today, (more…)

Creative England and Barclays join to boost growth in technology sector

Partnership will focus on investment and intensive development for high growth, early stage creative and digital companies Creative England and Barclays today announce a new partnership that will focus on boosting fast-growing, creative technology businesses. Together, they are launching a new accelerator, providing creative technology entrepreneurs with the support and help they need (more…)